Paper Creations

Sure. Greeting cards are one thing.  But there are other things I create out of paper.

Christmas Wreath ShadowboxA Christmas Wreath Paperscape enclosed in a 12 x 12 shadowbox, with white vinyl greetings.


Halloween paper housesOne of my favorites. Halloween Houses. Yes, they open up! Keep treats inside for treaters.  Or send them into school around Halloween time.  My granddaughter was so amused that the kids in her class thought a grandmother could never do this. They knit and crochet, don't you know?


Cascade greeting cardSuper fancy greeting cards. This is a cascade greeting card.  I really love creating these. 




Gift boxesGorgeous handmade boxes for any occasion.

Cute little bunny decorationHow about a cute little bunny at Easter time to decorate a child's room or as part of an Easter display.